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Aromatherapy Massage Pregnancy Treatments -
Safe and Relaxing

At CoLaz, we want to help you understand aromatherapy massage pregnancy benefits and answer your
concerns on common myths surrounding the service.

Health, wellness, and satisfaction of our clients are the most important factor of our business,
and so, we make sure that we deliver only that which is safe for you.

Of course, ultimately the decision to receive aromatherapy massage is up to you and your doctor,
but CoLaz only administers the most beneficial massage techniques for your relaxation
and peace of mind during this exciting time in your life.

Telling the Truth from the Myth

Some ideas have been circulated around by those who are not experts in the spa and salon industry. These rumors say aromatherapy massage for pregnant women can be harmful for expecting mothers due to the effects that products can have on an unborn child.

massage for pregnant women

Here is the premise; there are, of course, harmful ingredients in the market, but that aromatherapy is unsafe is just a myth.

Aromatherapy massage benefits are numerous, and pregnant women are some of the most deserving people for the relaxing relief that comes with aromatherapy massage.

This being said, not all essential oils are safe for baby. Qualified massage specialists like ours at Colaz know which scents can cause developmental problems if too much is absorbed or inhaled, and which are perfectly fine to soothe your tired and sore joints, muscles, and skin.

This is why CoLaz only applies safe amounts of particular, tested products to women, based on their stage of pregnancy. Aromatherapy, when administered expertly, offers great relief from common pregnancy conditions like swollen ankles, nausea, and various aches and pains. Massage is supposed to be relaxing, not worrisome.

And this is why CoLaz is one of the most trusted Harrow massage places.

The following oils applied in the correct dosage are perfectly safe for pregnant women who desire aromatherapy massage:

Colaz massage for pregnant women

• Orange – rejuvenates and invigorates
• Neroli – soothes anxiety and jitters
• Eucalyptus – great for sinus problems, a natural decongestant and antiseptic
• Sandalwood – promotes calmness and relaxation for better sleeping and antidepressant effects
• Patchouli – perfect for days that you need to clear your head, alleviates indecision and confusion
• Geranium – promotes circulation to tired limbs; safe after the third month of pregnancy
• Lavender – the most relaxing and calming scent; safe after the third month of pregnancy

Each of these oils, plus many others, feel and smell great when used in massage on your face, scalp, upper back, arms, legs, and feet.

These benefits are much too plentiful to ignore or rule out. All it takes is a qualified specialist to expertly apply the right oils in the right amounts to finally give you relief from pregnancy pains, stresses, aches, and ailments.

To book a massage in Derby, Harrow, Hounslow, Slough, Southall or London Paddington, all you have to do is call us.

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