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Aromatherapy Body Massage Services for Ultimate Relaxation

Aromatherapy body massage is one of the best types of massages for repairing injuries, balancing your mind, and relaxing your senses after a hectic week. CoLaz’s Affordable Laser Hair Removal salons are well-known for laser hair removal expertise, but we also specialise in massage therapy packages to soothe your stress.

With CoLaz salons, you can experience the many benefits of an aromatherapy massage without traveling to the exotic ends of the earth. The concept of this therapy has been around for hundreds of years as one of the best ways to quickly relieve both stress and body aches at one and the same time.

Our expert beauty therapists and estheticians can help you recharge, relax, and refocus with aroma therapy.

Millions of people in the UK are over-worked, and thus, over stressed. Stress makes you more susceptible to illness, cardiovascular diseases, and depression. Especially when you have to juggle with the finances, and the workplace becomes a cauldron of never-ending worry and concern.

However, if like most people you can’t treat the cause of your stress, the next best thing is to combat the effects and subsequent ailments with the miracle art of massage.

Aromatherapy massage benefits range from physical to mental, and you can count on being fully relaxed in body as well as mind when you come in for massage at CoLaz. An Aroma Massage can help you if you experience things like:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Lack of concentration

  • Poor judgment
  • Pessimism

  • Anxiety and worry
  • Moodiness

  • Agitation
  • Depression

As a matter of fact, if you are facing any of those you are already displaying dangerous cognitive symptoms of too much stress. The good news is that aromatherapy massage can help you.

How Aromatherapy Massages Help

The core idea of aromatherapy is that essential oils from plants, leaves, fruit, seeds, and bark have healing properties that can replenish your body in a natural, soothing way.

The essential oil uses are many though but for a here they are used in a relaxing full body massage session to rejuvenate you. There are hundreds of different oils and oil combinations, and each scent works to accomplish its own goal.

When expertly combined, the scents have a synergistic effect - working together for an outcome that relaxes, de-stresses, calms, and heals your physical and mental self.

The essential oils CoLaz uses are specially chosen for two purposes:

  1. To scent the massage lotions so that when you breathe deeply, you inhale their various healing properties, thus stimulating your senses.
  2. To absorb them through the skin, allowing the oils to travel through the bloodstream right to the place that your body needs them most.

The Scope of Your Massage Experience

The process of your massage first involves a consultation to analyse what your body needs. These could be sores or particularly troublesome areas. Later a discussion on concerns and allergies follows.

The massage therapist will then decide on the best oils to achieve your desired results. Aromatherapy massage oils are naturally derived from plants, bark, flowers, leaves, and seeds. Each produces a different result in your body when it is inhaled and absorbed into the blood stream.

A trained therapist will be able to mix the perfect synergistic combination of oils accurately to relax, calm, and rejuvenate your senses.

When your full body aromatherapy massage routine is complete, you can expect improved:

  • Mental balance – to make you feel calmness of mind
  • Muscular repair and physical relaxation - strained or over exerted muscles can lead to more serious injuries if they remain untreated over time
  • Nervous system function - to keep your sensory and motor functions in top shape
  • Circulation - your blood will start flowing to all of your extremities and organs, delivering the benefits of an aromatherapy massage everywhere
  • Lymphatic drainage - contributes to toxins being flushed out and even the loss of fat cells in some cases
  • Immune system function - immune systems are fragile and any type of cold or bug can have detrimental effects when they keep you from working and enjoying your life; aromatherapy massage is a component that can keep your immunity strong.
  • Breathing - shallow breathing from poor posture keeps your blood cells from receiving enough oxygen, which drains your energy.

Why Colaz?

CoLaz salons feature expert estheticians and beauty therapists to help with your aroma massage needs. It’s so simple to achieve the results your body is aching for. We have four locations for your convenience, and all it takes to get started is a visit, a call, or an email.

Numerous aromatherapy benefits are available to you through CoLaz salons. You can book an appointment immediately, or stop in at your earliest availability.

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