Amazing results at CoLaz Hounslow Clinic

by Ruchi

I was amazed at the results I got just after the first session for bikini and underarm laser. Over 50% of the growth disappeared for me. I have purchased a course of 8 treatments at such great value. The prices are so reasonable and I like the fact that you pay upfront, so I dont need to waste time at every session making a payment. I just walk in and out after the appointment. They always have such good deals going on and I'm so tempted to keep booking more sessions for different parts of my body. My therapist is lovely too, really friendly.

I was recommened to Colaz by a friend, who had amazing results herself too. So I knew that I wasnt going to be disappointed. Its painfree at such good quality. I am really happy with the results so far and cant wait to be completely hair free over the next few sessions i have booked. Colaz also explain everything in detail during the consultation, via a video, which made me learn so much and understand about hair growth. It was really informative and a good way to explain the procedure.

I wouldnt go anywhere else now for my beauty treatments! They is so many different treatments available under one roof, why look elsewhere?
There is car parking facilities just outside the clinic and can be accessed by many different forms of public transport too. The location is perfect and so convenient for me.

Colaz also have a reminder text service, which I completely love. A few days before your appointment they send out a reminder. This is perfect, as I am usually quite busy and may be likely to forget an appointment that I have booked a month in advance. It is such a helpful and useful service.

I am really happy with the quality of service provided by colaz and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for good results at good prices! You cant go wrong here. Me and my sister both go to Hounslow Colaz now, after having a couple of laser treatments done before in the past from someone else at such expensive price!

We were shocked when Colaz told us how much our package would cost! We couldnt believe that it was possible to have a deal like that! We used to pay the price of half our package for just one session of laser! Dont waste time researching other laser clinics, just book a consultation and you will know what I mean! :D

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