Acne On The Back

Hi there,

I'm female and have had acne on my back for over 15 years. I get cystic-type spots (red bumps) but because it has been going on for a long time and I have Asian skin I have a lot of pigmented scarring on my upper back.

I've tried antibiotics but the spots just return after I stop taking them. Is there anything you can do to reduce/get rid of the active spots whilst also tackling the scarring?


Reply Hi,

I understand you keep getting these reoccurring spots and you've tried antibiotics but once you stop taking the antibiotics they return. That's quite normal because the antibiotics will only work as long as you take them and once you stop it will sort of start to re-occur.

The other treatment you can try is light therapy. We do offer LED light therapy, or you can find a clinic that's near you that offers the LED light therapy. And they can do therapy, blue therapy on your back, and it's normally recommended twenty minutes for three times a week, and you should do that for about four to five weeks and you start seeing a decrease in spots.

Again, this is similar to antibiotics, the more you do it, the better the results you will get. And the moment you stop, maybe in a couple months you may get the reoccurrence because it's still there so it will start to reoccur, with the antibiotics it's there until you actually kill it off for a while but it does come back once you stop.

So I do suggest you don't want to take any more antibiotics, try the LED light therapy. We've got a few clients who have been doing the LED light therapy and it's been working brilliantly on them.

In regards to scarring you can combine it with microdermabrasion or you can combine it with the LED light and it works quite well as well but obviously if you've got very active spots in the area then you won't be able to get microdermabrasion. Do go in for a skin consultation and see what your therapist recommends.

I hope that helps

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