Acne - How to have a good skin?

by Tran
(Exeter, England.)

Hello, I'm 14 years old and I had a lot of blackheads and other types of acne that I don't know around my nose, cheeks and my forehead.

I wash my face twice every morning and before I go to bed. I didn't use any other treatments or beauty products because I scared it could get worse and I don't know which one should I use for my age.

I wanted to ask you that what could I use to have a better looking skin?

Reply Hi Tran,

I understand that you are 14 years old, and that you have blackheads and acne around the nose, forehead and cheek area. Acne is very common in your age group. Washing your face with just plain water would not be helpful in treating acne; you need to use a medicated soap or cleanser. I have an 11 year old daughter, who is suffering from similar breakouts around the nose and cheeks.

She has alot of blackheads, and the product that I have noticed is working best for her is the Dermalogica Clean Start kit for teenagers. Within the kit there is a cleanser for acne breakouts and also a product called ‘bedtime for breakouts’ which you apply directly onto the spots.

I would recommend that you also go for facials every month or so, in order to have the blackheads extracted. Your best option would be to visit a clinic or a beauty salon who can offer you professional treatments, which are according to your skin type. During facials they will steam the face before extracting any blackheads, and will ensure that they do not cause any damage to the skin.

As what you do not want to do is pick at the spots or try to remove the blackheads yourself, as you may damage the skin around it.

Another option you could try is undertaking LED light treatment; the blue light is very good at clearing out the skin as it kills the bacteria which cause acne.

There are other methods of treating the skin such as IPL, but that would be available to people over 18, IPL helps with milder acne and scarring.

All these methods would help to clear your skin out, but you do also need to ensure you have a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. Clearing the skin does take time, especially if it has become severe and you are developing cist type acne. If your acne is severe then you can pop down to your GP and they may be able to prescribe medication or steroid creams to help your skin.

However please note that there can be side effects with these prescribed medications.

The best thing to start from is to try the Dermalogica kit and have regular facials. Clean start products can be purchased in most salons, or you can Google the products in order to find them via the internet. If you do need any further advice do contact me.


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