Accidental eyebrow removal

by Amy

Exactly one month on from our wedding, I woke up early and decided to make a pancake breakfast for my lovely hubby. He loves breakfast in bed and I love to treat him with romantic surprises. Yawning, stretching and shuffling downstairs in my dressing gown and slippers, I put on the griddle to warm up, mixed the batter and drizzled on a generous helping.

I noticed after a while that the first pancake didn't appear to be cooking, and when kneeling down and glancing underneath the griddle I was surprised to see no flame. I realised I'd forgotten to ignite the gas.

Absent-mindedly I pressed the ignition, and a burst of flame singed off BOTH my eyebrows, my eyelashes and my hairline! I ran to the mirror and to my horror I looked almost alien with my burnt eyebrows.

The smell was overpowering and my skin was tingling. I combed them with a clean mascara brush to remove the burnt crisps and tried to fill in the gaps with a pencil. I love having perfect hair and eyebrows and I was still keep to impress my new husband.

I was almost in tears, and on the verge of laughter too. I looked awful and yet I couldn't help giggling. I eventually made it back to the kitchen to finish my pancakes and piled them up on a plate. I continually checked my poor face in the back of a big spoon, I looked an absolute state. I loaded a tray with the plate of pancakes, a pat of butter and a little jug of syrup to distract him so he wouldn't look at my frazzled face.

My husband noticed immediately and almost choked on his breakfast when I told him how it happened. He still laughs about it to this day.

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