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About CoLaz

If you are looking for professional hair removal, beauty treatments, and skincare delivered safely and responsibly, then Colaz is for you. We've helped thousands of Londoners look and feel sexy, smooth, and confident. And they've been impressed with the results, over and over referring their families and friends to Colaz.

We opened our first beauty salon in London in 2005. Our original clients were young, sophisticated, and very demanding. They wanted to feel safe and secure getting their beauty treatments without spending a fortune. And we wanted them to feel welcome and bring their friends.

So our first priority from the beginning has been that clients deserve only the best, most knowledgeable hair removal and beauty experts. We concentrated on staff training and we’re still continually calling on our therapists and technicians to, “Always be learning!”

In fact, we became so dedicated to hiring qualified staff to serve our clients that in 2012 we started our own beauty school! It's called the Beaulaz Beauty and Laser Training Center at locations in Slough, Hounslow, and Birmingham. And our training, systems, and outstanding results convinced us to franchise the CoLaz brand to talented entrepreneurs throughout Britain. Franchisees get valuable access to tested and proven CoLaz systems plus our well-known, popular brand.

The Best Laser Hair Removal Machines
for All Skin Types

When it came to our laser hair removal machines, we did a lot of research and visited exhibitions throughout the country, attended forums, and spoke with many laser hair removal specialist and clinics. We finally decided on what we think are the best lasers for hair removal on the market, the Candela Gentle ND YAG laser.

This laser offers a hair removal solution for people of all skin types, including our many Asian and African Caribbean clients. The ND YAG is very powerful and features a cooling agent built into it so the treatment is more comfortable. We have been getting phenomenal results for all of our clientele using this advanced technology.

Announcing the Colaz Line of
Skin Care Products

We have also recently launched our very own line of Colaz Skin Care products. After extensive research of all the most natural and beneficial ingredients available on the market, we have devised a group of cleansers, exfoliates, and serums to effectively treat a number of skin conditions. Ask us about our Colaz line of skin care products on your next visit.

Relax and Enjoy Our Clean and Inviting Salons

Our clients often tell us that our treatment rooms have a different feeling, as if you're in a different country. Like getting a facial in the Brazilian rainforest with music where you relax and let your cares drift away. And every salon is clean and inviting. Whether your treatment is a high quality cosmetic procedure, acne reduction, waxing, inch loss, or skin blemish removal, you will find that we excel in providing an honest, warm, and welcoming environment where we give individuals the best service possible.

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