3 Beauty Treatments That Are Best Done In A Salon

Many people will continuously tell you how they prefer to do facials at home, using fruits etc. They may rather have their husband give them a back massage than a therapist.

And they find it far cheaper to purchase waxing products and do the treatment themselves. 

Yet there are some treatments out there that should not be conducted by anyone other than a fully-trained professional. This is because they may have small risks attached to them.


This treatment involves a small hand piece which has several needles attached to it. This headpiece is rolled over the skin; this creates small channels all over the area. Advanced serums are then applied onto the area and these can help to combat signs of ageing, pigmentation and even stretch marks. 

Micro-needling cause’s trauma to the skin, the idea is that this then stimulates the skin to regenerate itself. Bringing back renewed and revived skin.

Due to the fact that needles are used during the treatment procedure, you may bleed during treatment. An anaesthetic cream is applied on to the face prior to treatment but it may still be slightly uncomfortable.

Purchasing your own hand piece can be very dangerous; if the procedure is not conducted correctly you may cause extra or permanent damage to the skin. 

Chemical peels

This procedure involves the application of chemicals such as Lactic Acid, Glycolic acid or salicylic acid. The chemicals slough away at the dead and dull skin on the surface of the body. The old skin will either frost up or "peel" off hence the name of the treatment. The refreshed skin beneath will then be revealed.

It may sometimes be used to combat and treat acne. If this is the case then the acid can also help to kill sebum which has built up under the skin therefore preventing further breakouts. Chemical peels are really beneficial for individuals who want to have brighter skin, acne reduction, acne scarring solutions or age reversal.

Although you can purchase chemical peel ingredients on the internet it can still be very harmful on your skin. If the peel is not neutralised correctly this may influence your skin to continue to erode, and it may end up going through deeper layers of the skin and causing severe damage. 

Laser Hair Removal

Laser promises a long-term hair reduction solution. It works best on hair growth which is darker, if you have blonde, white or red hairs you need to consider an alternative method of hair removal. Laser is conducted on to the skin where the hairs have been shaven away.

There are several different laser machines across the beauty market. Different lasers are suited for different skin types. The Alexandrite is one of the best for fairer and white skin types. The ND YAG is suitable for all skin types but is also considered to be the gold-standard for Asian and Afro-Caribbean clients. 

There has been a recent arrival of Home use laser machines. One of the most popular brands being the laser No-no; although it has been marketed as a completely safe and effective method of hair removal there is still some risks that need to be considered. 

Laser hair removal can have a different effect on the skin if you are taking certain forms of medication; within a salon these would be blacklisted. However at home you would be unaware of this. If you suffer from epilepsy we would avoid treatments within our salons. This once again becomes a high risk at home. 

The other thing which needs to be queried about home use machines is their efficacy. Our laser hair removal machines which are available in salons can often cost around £100,000. The machines at home can be purchased for around £200 - £400. The laser beam would most definitely be unlikely to penetrate as deep and having read reviews online it just seems to be something that is neither a safe or effective option.

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