10 min free trial powerplate (Vibrostation) session Southall

by Sharon

I went for my first free trial ten minute powerplate session at the Southall branch. The assistant booked me on a "full body workout". It was fantastic, I felt fantastic all over. I would recommend Vibrostation to anyone, regardless of age (over 18), I would even recommend it to anyone who is scared of exercise, or, who has never exercised before in their life.

However, I would emphasize very strongly that if you have any health or mobility problem, or, are taking any medication to consult your GP first as the Vibrostation sends vibrations throughout your body, to give your entire body a good workout, or, even better you can target a specific area of your body, for example, your upper arms, thighs, buttocks, stomach etc.

This ten minute session will give you the same result as a half hour to one hour session in the gym. So for those of you that do not have the time, due to a busy social life, I am sure that you can spare ten minutes once, twice or three times a week. A ten minute Powerpate (Vibrostation)session costs £4 for ten minutes, or, £35 per month. If you can only spare one ten minute session, I would recommend pay as you go, however, if you plan to have a ten minute session every day, I would recommend £35 monthly payment, there are no contracts which is even better.

After my first ten minute session, I spent the next forty eight hours, urinating, every half hour or so, that is because the strong vibrations going through my body, boosted my metabolism which in turn pushed out any excess water or toxins that I was carrying.

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