Hair Removal for Children

by Uncertain in Utah

Is hair removal for children an acceptable practice?

My 8 year old daughter has dark, thick hair on her legs and is very self-conscious about being seen in public with bare legs.

Friends and family think it's ridiculous to encourage a young child to start shaving.

What do you think?

I suppose laser hair removal is an option, but is that an exorbitant expense for a child?

I don't want my child to feel uncomfortable in public, but I also don't want to put undue importance on looking perfect upon her at such a young age?

What would you do?

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Jul 02, 2013
Unwanted hair is so easy to remove
by: Anonymous

I suffered tremendously as a preteen, every boy I liked looked at me in disgust and made comments about my hairy arms and legs. I say let her shave whenever she begins to feel bad about it.

Apr 02, 2012
Laser and the Younger Population
by: Caroline

When treating the younger population, you are fighting against puberty, hormones & inactive hair follicles that will become active as they grow. So treatments may be continuous for a longer period of time. But, it does keep hair away for a long period of time in between treatments & the client does not have to wait for a certain amount of hair growth before they have a treatment.

Mar 21, 2012
My 9 year old has a similar problem
by: Anonymous

My daughter is nine and gets teased because she has a dark mustache and a "uni-brow". I didn't realize it was causing her so much grief until I found her in the bathroom trying to use tweezers to pull the hair out herself. She started sneaking my makeup to school to put cover up on her upper lip. Children have enough pressures and problems due to things they cannot control. I don't see anything wrong with fixing a problem you do have control over.

Sep 05, 2011
I also understand
by: Anonymous

I have a now 9 year old who has partial precocious puberty. She started getting underarm hair when she was 5.

The teasing became so unbearable that I took her to be waxed. The first time she was very nervous and scared, but she went through with it and realized it wasn't that bad.

She really, really appreciates now that I understand and take care of it so that she does not have to be embarrassed. She willingly goes and does not complain one bit. I wish we lived in a perfect world where kids did not make fun of each other...but until we do, I will protect my daughter.

Do not feel guilty. There are plenty of us parents who are in your shoes and understand that you are doing what's best for your child.

Aug 28, 2011
Children Laser Hair Removal
by: Anonymous

Children would sometimes prefer hair removal as I was also bullied in school for having a hairy upper lip. In these types of situations waxing was the best option when I was at the age of 13 as threading was too painful and I was under age to have laser hair removal treatments.

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